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Welcome to REUNION - There’s always room around our table for new friends interested in the conversation and adventure of following Jesus! We’re a group of everyday people who are attempting to learn through practice what following Jesus truly means. Some of us are ‘all in’ and some are still deciding. We confess that we don’t have it all figured out, but we believe that we discover Jesus together - in community and relationship.

Why don’t you pull up a seat?


Every Sunday we get together to eat, sing songs, share stories, and talk about Scripture. Come hang out with us!

Sundays 2pm
15 Sunset Drive, Belleville Ontario

Reunion Kids – Infants to Grade 5
Arrive early to register your children!


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Jesus ate all kinds of food around all kinds of tables in all kinds of places with all kinds of people. To be an apprentice of Jesus (then and now) is to love to eat, no matter what Jesus cooks and no matter where he sets the table
— Leonard Sweet - From Tablet to Table

We believe an important part of following Jesus looks like being around the table for a meal together as friends. This is the place where we share food, laughter and life.
It’s a place of celebration and vulnerability.
Pull up a chair – we’ve got a place at the table for you!

“Food matters. Meals matter. Meals are full of significance. Few acts are more expressive of companionship than the shared meal. Someone with whom we share food is likely to be our friend, or well on the way to becoming one…”

— Tim Chester, A Meal With Jesus

Special Thanks to Charlotte Buckle & Randall Andrews for their incredible photos


The Crew

Kristin and Wesley are so excited to lead the Reunion Belleville family. They embrace open doors, full tables and joyful noise!

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